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What is is a service for tv enthusiasts helping its users keep track of their favorite tv shows and episodes.

I used to spend hours upon hours trying to figure out when different tv shows were coming back from break, airing new episodes and of course which episodes I had seen. Originally I used an Excel spreadsheet but it turned out to be laborous, prone for errors and usually stored somewhere I did not have access when I needed it (e.g. different computer - or maybe I was using iPad).

So I spend some time browsing the web for a service that would help me keep track of the shows and episodes but I found nothing (this was in 2012). After talking about my problem with few of my friends it became evident I was not alone with my problem. So I decided to start creating a simple tool that would help me keep track of the shows and episodes - and maybe even help me discover new shows based on the likes and dislikes of people whose taste was similar to mine.

Bit by bit started taking shape - and I made the service available to other people of the interwebs. Slowly but surely people started discovering and suddenly there was a healthy community of people who loved watching tv. As time went by I kept adding features to

Where is the content coming from?

As gifted as I may be (and I'm really not) - you can imagine that no one person is able to create all the content and information related to all the differnt tv shows in the world. I discovered that there were a few great services in the internet that provided a lot of the show related information free of charge. I ended up integrating few of those - who definitely deserve a great big thanks from me. is just awesome. This was the service I integrated first with - and it still powers the core of what is. provides a huge amount of amazing visual content related to the shows. is the service gets majority of the rich media pertaining to the shows. powers the star ratings for tv shows.

As you use you may come across some mistakes in the data - which is unfortunate of course. But we're dealing with massive amounts of information which all integrates in Unfortunately this integration does not always work perfectly. Typically the issues are related to incorrect matching of tv shows or some shows are not yet available in the system. I'm happy to try to fix these issues - just reach out to me and I'll do my best.

 Privacy policy − version 1.0

Expect the following from us

  • We do not share (free or for money) your contact details with anyone. It's that simple. We just don't do it.
  • We do not send you emails you don't want or need.
  • Occasionally we may send you notifications about some improvements to - but more often we don't even send those.
  • We do our best to keep the service up and running.

What we expect from you

  • We require you behave in a polite and non offensive manner.
  • Do not try to mis-use the system in any way.
  • Do not try to crack or hack the system.
  • Not to sue us.

This is what we collect and why

When you register an account you are requested to enter few details. We collect as little information as possible.

  • Email address. Email address is used to login to If you do not feel comfortable submitting your email address to the service, we welcome you to use whatever you like as email address. The email address is used only to login to the service, reset a forgotten password and occasional service related notifications. Your email address is not shown to anyone in the service. If you decide not to submit a real email address to the service, then we cannot help you in case you forget your password. We really cannot do anything about it. Resetting passwords is fully automated, and the new (random) password is automatically sent to the email address that is associated with the account. We will not intervene the automated process based on email requests.
  • Passwords are stored in encrypted format in our database. If you forget your password, we cannot tell you or anyone else what it is. The system will only set a new random password which is automatically sent to the email address you supply.
  • Nickname is what other users may see of you. Other users may also see what shows the user behind the nickname is following. You can come up with any nicname for yourself - as long as it is unique within the service. If your nickname is offensive, we may change it without without notifying you OR asking for permission.
  • Anonymous analytics. We use Google Analytics to monitor users' behavior within the site. The main purpose of this data is to help us improve the service. We cannot identify the user from the collected data. We cannot associate the behavior to any individual user.

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